Little League For Southwest Wisconsin

SWCL  South West Coaches League

Coaches Code of Conduct

Needs to be completed by all coaches. Please mail completed forms to me at Brian Michek 515 stone st, Highland WI 53543. It would be nice if communities got all the forms together and mailed as one.

Download Code of Conduct Here

SWCL Contacts

VP Dir of softball operations 

Ashley Cullen   608-642-0047


Jess Hisel

VP Dir of baseball operations 

Butch Layton     608-604-1429


Brian Michek      608-574-0574


Wow !!! What a great turnout at the fall meeting. Thanks to everyone for showing up. The meeting agenda and the 2017 finance report are posted below. The rule changes for the 2018 season will be posted by the Spring Meeting.

The Spring Meeting will be Wednesday April 4th, 2018 @ 7:00PM at the Red Zone in Highland. 

Have a great winter and see you all in the spring.

2017 Fiscal Report (pdf)

2017 Fall Meeting Minutes (pdf)


Frank Eveland