Sounds like some people are having problems viewing the brackets.  When I download the bracket on my Samsung smartphone it gives me four options to choose from to view the file. Amazon Kindle, Drive PDF Viewer, PDF Viewer, and Polaris Viewer 4.1.  Choose PDF Viewer.  For some reason the others are showing you blank brackets or brackets with teams already winning or losing. 

I’ll work on getting the bracket in a different format.  Hope everyone can at least see who they play.  If you are still having problems contact Butch Layton or myself.  Thanks.

Bracket for 3/4th grade is ready.  Click Here for the bracket. Times and fields have been determined. Click here for the fields and locations.

All  7th & 8th grade tournament games for Monday-Wednesday will start at 7:30 unless notified by hosting team.

Bracket for 7/8th grade is ready.  Click Here for the bracket. Times and fields have been determined. Click Here for the fields and locations.

All games need to be made up and reported by Friday for 3/4th and 7/8th.  Fifth and sixth grade games you have until next Friday July 10th to make them up.  Brackets for all upcoming tournaments will be seeded according to records on the website.  Any questions let myself or Jess Hisel know.

All results pages are up to date.

The 3/4 and 5/6th grade baseball tournament host is Arena. Highland is hosting the 7/8th grade baseball tournament.

All softball make up games need to be made up July 8th, or before. All results are to be reported by the winning team, by July 9th at 9am, or it will be counted as a tie. 

All baseball coaches participating in the end of the season tournament are reminded that the winning teams should contact Butch Layton via text or voicemail at 608-604-1429.  He will update the brackets and send them to me to post.  Brackets may not be posted until late that night or the next morning. Any questions let me know.

With that said it is NOT necessary to send in results through the Results Page for Tournament Games.  Please only send results directly to Butch. Thanks.

Several communities still need to pay their league fees.  Please take care of this asap.  Send checks to Frank Eveland 110 Lois Lane, Arena, WI  53503. Make the checks out to Southwest Summer League.

Schedule is out for U18 Girls Softball.  Click Here for the schedule.

Softball tournaments are July 13-18, and the host sites start that Thursday in MP for 5/6 and Cobb for 7/8. Locations will be listed on the bracket.

Girls Softball Iowa Grant #3 teams home games are the Montfort ball park which is here:,+WI+53569/@42.9716166,-90.4357463,282m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x87fd108d6227a1ff:0x8a98a29fddbbd3ee

Just a heads up as to how the Results are going to work. All results will be sent to Jess Hisel at

after you hit SUBMIT in the Enter Results page.  If you have a question or correction regarding the results please contact Jess at the email above.  Thank you.

Baseball Tournament Schedule:

        3&4th Grade        July 6th through the 11th

        5&6th Grade        July 13th through the 18th

        7&8th Grade        July 6th through the 11th

Girls softball rules have been updated.

Angie Borne has graciously created a spreadsheet to identify diamond locations for girls softball in an attempt to make the coaches life simpler.  Click here for the spreadsheet.  Thanks Angie!!!  Correction for Prairie du Chien Games. Girls 3-4 and 7-8 has all of the games played at Cecil Smith Field located on the 300 block of South Mooney Street in Prairie du Chien.  The teams would have to travel to Webster street and turn left at the traffic lights, travel to South Michigan take another left and drive straight South and you will see the two fields on the left hand side.

If something on your screen doesn’t look right please hit the REFRESH button first before taking any action.  If that doesn’t fix the problem feel free to contact me.

Click here for the Softball Divisions.

Check the Announcements page for updates on upcoming tournaments and camps.

Girls Softball Rules are now updated.

All the boys rules have been updated.  Please click “Baseball Rules” link above.

Click Here to view the newly drafted bylaws for the league.  Members will be voting on these bylaws which setup the new administrative structure.

Rules for 7/8th grade have been updated to show the change in the stealing procedures. 

Email me at with any changes that need to be made.