Belmont is hosting a 7th and 8th grade tournament for May 15,16, and 17.  It would be a double elimination tournament and the cost is $75.  Contact Matt Caley at 608-732-1570 or by email at



Matt Caley

Belmont Youth Softball

The spring SWCL League meeting will be April 8th at the Dodger Bowl in Dodgeville starting at 7:00 pm. 

All the boys rules have been updated.  Please click “Baseball Rules” link above.

Click Here to view the newly drafted bylaws for the league.  Members will be voting on these bylaws which setup the new administrative structure.

Rules for 7/8th grade have been updated to show the change in the stealing procedures. 

CLICK HERE for the FINAL 7/8th Grade Baseball Bracket.

CLICK HERE for the FINAL 3/4th Grade Baseball Bracket.

CLICK HERE for the FINAL Softball Bracket for the Weekend.

CLICK HERE for the UPDATED FINAL 5/6th grade Baseball Tournament Bracket.

Email me at with any changes that need to be made.