The first scores are recorded and sorted.  Thanks Jess Hisel for taking that on this year.

Angie Borne has graciously created a spreadsheet to identify diamond locations for girls softball in an attempt to make the coaches life simpler.  Click here for the spreadsheet.  Thanks Angie!!!

Please go to the “Girls SB Schedule” link above for all schedules.  Sorry for any confusion.

Just a heads up as to how the Results are going to work. All results will be sent to Jess Hisel after you hit SUBMIT in the Enter Results page.  Jess will then compile all the results and send them to me to post on the website.  If you have a question or correction regarding the results please contact Jess.  Thank you.

If something on your screen doesn’t look right please hit the REFRESH button first before taking any action.  If that doesn’t fix the problem feel free to contact me.

7/8th Grade Boys Rules have been updated.  Please hit Refresh if necessary to see the latest version of the rules. Thanks.   

3/4th Grade Baseball North Schedule has been updated. 

Baseball Tournament Schedule:

        3&4th Grade        July 6th through the 11th

        5&6th Grade        July 13th through the 18th

        7&8th Grade        July 6th through the 11th

Click here for the Softball Divisions.

Check the Announcements page for updates on upcoming tournaments and camps.

Girls Softball Rules are now updated.

All the boys rules have been updated.  Please click “Baseball Rules” link above.

Click Here to view the newly drafted bylaws for the league.  Members will be voting on these bylaws which setup the new administrative structure.

Rules for 7/8th grade have been updated to show the change in the stealing procedures. 

Email me at with any changes that need to be made.